7 Essential Practices For Your Healing Journey

1. Creativity – soul expression. Being creative is a way of expressing ourselves, making this a regular practice ensures that we don’t repress or ignore how we’re feeling which can manifest as poor mental & physical health.

2. Exercise – working out our emotions. Part of the reason why we manifest poor mental & physical health is keeping emotions trapped in the body. Emotions are energy in motion and must be expressed to stop them manifesting as diseases – one of the ways we can express them is through moving into the body: yoga, running, swimming, martial arts etc.

3. Meditation – clearing the mind. Making time to be present with ourselves allows us to observe the dominant thoughts in our minds and gain a sense of perspective on our lives. This helps us not to sweat the small stuff.

4. Nature – being in tune with the frequency of the planet. Immersing ourselves in nature fills our minds with peaceful mental imagery which helps to cleanse us of the toxicity we can accumulate from spending time in man-made environments. We take on this toxicity from WiFi, TV, social media etc.

5. Mindfulness – grounding ourselves in the now. Much of what ails our minds is thinking that revolves around things outside of the now. We experience our deepest joy in the present moment, when we recognise our thoughts leading us away from the now we must lose our minds & come to our senses.

6. Sleep – allowing the body & mind time to rest. The healing journey is all about letting the body & mind recover from the assortment of stresses & strains we experience in life. Adequate sleep each night allows the body to rise rejuvenated and keeps our minds fresh.

7. Nutrition – feeding ourselves healthy foods. New cells are created in the body every 30 days and these cells are made from what we feed the body. If we feed ourselves junk – we will create new cells based on junk which leads to disease of the mind & body.

Healing yourself starts with loving yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.

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