Been away from this for way too long, but all with good reason I swear!

I keep coming back to this analogy I heard along my travels: to be the seed in the ground. Surrounded in darkness. Extending your roots long before emerging from that darkness.

That’s kinda what’s been happening for me. I went in deep and wanted to create from the heart and not from the heat of the competition. In fact, I distance from all competition when it comes to music. For me it’s all creation and co creation. Something you need to approach with a focused mind and a full heart. Expression needs to be brought back fully into music!

I’m putting the finishing touches on my album these next two weeks ( I just can’t give it to the masterer until I’m in love with the whole thing) meanwhile creating more content for my YouTube channels and trying to be a presence on twitter. My focus is and has been on putting out the album, then getting my ass on a stage. I need it

As always, thanks for reading!



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