As much learning and practice (meditation) I’ve embraced over the years, I realize the internal struggles with fear, stress, anxiety etc that we face never cease. Rather we gain better control of our mind in an offensive position. When lower vibration thoughts march on the walls of the mind, the mind must summon what it can. What it knows.

The mind is just a tool.

A wrench does not know to turn left or right, or whether it will fit the bolt.

Much the same with the mind. And I say this because I believe the soul, the being, etc is the hand that moves the tool. So to speak.

We must affirm to our minds. Positively, consistently, and lovingly the reality we wish to exist in.

Personally, I fall into fear thoughts. They shout “you aren’t good enough” “nothing you do matters” it’s always loud. Always aggressive.

After 6 years on this journey(waking up) I know the sound very well. My ability to counter has increased over time. And even to recover, my time has greatly minimized. It does not mean the voices are gone completely

And I feel that THAT is ok. Challenge me. Make me stronger through thought. Through love of self.

This is something I wish for everyone.

One of my favorite affirmations for this experience has been: “I cast out and release the anchors of any fear, anxiety, or stress I hold. As the all transmutes their energy my ship sails on to more love, prosperity and abundance.”

This is said in my head. As many times as I need it repeated to help.

Thank you for reading



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