Everyone has a balance to contend with. A pendulum swinging endlessly between opposites. Most often one feels this through emotions. high and low, positive and negative, happy and sad and everything degree of each in between. Among all of the possibilities of polar opposites one finds some to be easy to overpower, while others seem to overpower them.

My imbalance lies within confidence, versus unimportance. While confidence has grown over time and toughened up, unimportance seeks desperately to find a place. But I will not have it. A vicious animal clawing at the floorboards of my mind, but I will not have it. Acknowledgement alone does me no justice. I choose to let go of unimportance and all of its allies.

As an artist, its hard enough to find a financially stable place to land in the industry. And as of recently, I made a leap of faith that fell through. Now, while its something I’m still picking up the pieces from, it’s something that I needed to help me grow. A hard lesson so-to-speak, but a lesson nevertheless.

I wrote the first two paragraphs to exploit a viewpoint that helps me gain myself back when I lose sight of where I’m going. It’s a whole lot easier to listen to “is this even worth it?” and quit, than it is to prove yourself right.

I’m blessed to be able to create music, and I know what I’m writing will translate into a song. And maybe one day when you hear the song you’ll remember the time you felt a similar way. And we can hang out for a moment, in that moment.


thanks for reading

much love,



  1. Insecurities are often irrational lies, created by fear, used by anxiety, and enjoyed by the negative energies in this world. I feel you’re in a period of transformation, when a Caterpillar realizes itโ€™s ability to transform itself into a butterfly. Not only does it recognize it’s ability to care for its own needs, but also, that his true image is freeing, beautiful, and unique.
    You’re learning this lessons, and you’re doing great ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep going ๐Ÿข๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ•‰๏ธ

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