With the most recent New moon having past, There was a lot of vibration I’ve been letting go of. And with all of the support of you guys (the readers and fans) I’ve felt myself at a stronger spiritual place. a more solidified knowledge of self.

The duality of knowing who I want to be is fun -just because I want… to be and by being I want to do SO many things. and that sometimes creates a confusion, for those getting to know me, and for myself to remain productive and motivated.

So while I do art and music and video and meditation, the focus for now is to advance musically.

And thats a freeing thing. To know I’ve decided and to also know the other things I wish to do aren’t dying out! In fact there’s no stress towards them at all now so the creation process is much more organic.

All this is just leading me up to saying THANK YOU! every like, comment, and follow expands my knowledge of self and allows me to help others using what I’ve learnt.

Thank you

Thanks for reading

much love


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