Magic is alive and well my friends! A hunter’s moon in Taurus is upon us. Whether you choose to believe or not, events like this and the many we have had this year affect us in some way big or small. The more you believe, the more you receive of its effects… here’s a little of what to expect with this full moon:

In Farmers’ Almanac lore, the October Full Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, because it falls at the start of the game-hunting season.

Taurus, the first earth sign of the Zodiac prefers an uncomplicated, practical and above all physical approach to existence (I know because I am one!) With the Moon in Taurus, it’s not just about hunting; but also looking at what is already on hand.

The Taurus Moon wants proof; physical evidence it can experience with the senses. And not just proof but reassurance, and the more the better.

Give yourself reassurance this day. Something that indulges the senses and allows you to feel good about life and where you are at.
I’ll be in the studio with some wine and herb 😉📿
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