Upon waking this day I caught awareness of my inner feelings. It was subtle and moved quick around my mind but I could tell it was a negative thought stream. Scurrying from the light to another corner of my mind the minute I think I have a grasp.
For me, I chose not to chase, but rather accept and allow it to run along. We can’t always defeat every little negative thought in our mind but it’s just as important to be able to let them go.
Your mind is an incredible energy source and it’s really not worth wasting all that time and resource on negative thoughts. We all know those negative thoughts that bring us down or “make us feel a type of way”
Transmuting is really as simple as replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and using the energy from that previous thought and redirecting it toward your new more positive thought. The trick however is to believe it’s simple in the first place 🤫

Anyways I just wanted to share Incase anyone else is having a rough morning. Forgive yourself, because you are human. Accept yourself because you are present in the moment. Allow yourself to move forward knowing that you are the driving force behind your mental energy.
Namaste 🙏🏽 #indie #indiedance #willwinn #newmusic #newmusicalert #woke #positivenergy #love #positivevibes #spiritualawakening #energy #spotify #singer #empaths #consciousness #goodmusic #motivation #unsignedartist #success #mindset #producer #newartist #positivemindset #acceptance #negativethought #transmuting

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