So during the last three weeks, oddly the same length as the current mercury retrograde we are experiencing, I’ve been working through learning and practicing this lesson *
Release resistance *
Resistance comes to us in many forms, from feeling we don’t deserve something, to wanting it so bad that our intensity blinds the steps we should take. Your resistance is your challenge – as is mine
So when we experience it, it will feel generally bad. Similar to grinding gears, just an uncomfortable exertion. But the minute we feel this we should recognize it as a red flag! Become attuned to the present moment
Tuning into the present moment and finding contentment in the moment is not easy at first! We are very complex beings capable of running 70,000 plus thoughts a day! *
Personally I begin to ponder the perfect future without any realisms daunting it. Just in my mind, my ideal future, ideal income, ideal day-today. And slowly but surely everything begins to turn around. *
My attention focusing on something else long enough always helps me release the resistance I brought into my energy field, until I’m able to transmute it. *
Hope this helps anyone trying to do the same!
Much love
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