Deja vu

Regardless of what’s been said about deja vu experiences – I feel they are moments aligned with our manifestations only we see these moments in dreams first because our physical bodies cannot jump to that time, however when we sleep our subconscious is able to connect with source more easily and therefore will bring the experience almost immediately to you through dream

Meaning- in time, your dream will come true

Just a second ago it hit me that I was fulfilling a deja vu. I had had this dream months ago of sitting at a white desk importing vocal tracks into a song and in the dream I just knew these things were leading up to something big. The dream actually showed a series of flashes of my (ideal) future in who I am becoming and what I’m passionate about

And here I am, at a white desk doing the same things…. Only I had no idea until the moment shook me.

I am becoming my most authentic self and it feels incredible

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