Well I’ll be honest – 2018 kicked my ass. Threw me down and taunted me to stay down. But, being the stubborn Taurus I am – I kept getting up. In fact I’m proud of the fact I even survived this year, now that I’m really looking back on the details of how 2018 went down. Wow.
First and foremost, I’m grateful. Grateful I have my health and the love of my family and close friends. My circle has gotten smaller on both fronts but I’m at a place now where I can forgive those who are now longer running in my pack. I wasn’t meant to slow down for other and I don’t expect many to keep up forever.
I am blessed to be aware of my resilience in hard times. My tenacity to say “no, I choose to see it differently”, and my longevity in the game of life. I’ve made some big moves that scared the hell out of me but when I recognize that they are necessary steps in the path of my manifestation AS WELL AS part of the process to allow me to be my most authentic self, I knew there was no turning back.
Cheers to a new year. But more importantly, cheers to the shedding of old skin and the revel in the new and opportune self that we’ve now become. Forgive, but learn from. Let go, but know better next time. Laugh off, but have faith. This year is about to change everything
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