Disclaimer: long post

I woke up feeling resistance. The kind of resistance where I wanted so badly to have achieved all of the things I’ve been dreaming about. The kind of resistance that I felt I had to get x amount accomplished today or else. The kind of resistance where i felt a little bit of “poor me” that I hadn’t made it as far as I maybe should have by now… and all of that resistance became dead weight that I carried
Then I got to the gym, and was walking and honestly was not having it. I didn’t want to be there. I was allowing the vibration of all my tension just build and build and get stronger and stronger
Being that I’ve practiced awareness for years, I knew if I continued allowing this- my day was going to train wreck. So I acknowledged that I felt these things, forgave myself for being so stubborn about the whole thing, and sought out the help of a YouTube video(or several) of @abrahamhicks – one of three remote mentors I’ve chosen for myself
See I haven’t yet had the honor of meeting a mentor face to face who’s all on board with my goals and dreams as I am, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And for me, I knew that I needed someone speaking truth that resonated with my path. *
I feel that everyone could benefit from a voice of truth that resonates with them- whether that’s a Tony Robbins, a GaryVee, or an Abraham Hicks. And especially if you’re blessed to have one face to face. It’s these voices that help us course correct when the fog is slightly thinker than our eyes can see through
Comment or tag someone that’s a mentor for you
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