Do you ever want to filter out everyone and everything in your life that doesn’t make you feel alive? As if to wake up and just spend your time on what you’re passionate about? *
Has anyone ever told you that’s not how the world works? Or that you’ll love a poor and stressful life? Or even that they don’t reply it’s just a sarcastic energy they emit directly at you…
You’re not alone. *
For anyone pushing to pursue their passion, anyone tired of taking on meaningless jobs just to get by, and anyone wishing things were different – I say
🗣Stand the f*ck up for yourself. You have the power to make your life better. And it starts in your mind. Think about this – prior to reading this, all those thoughts about work sucking on a Monday and you wish you were someplace else- were just pulling you apart. Now imagine if you got up, and regardless of what things looked like, you were grateful. And you imagined that better life “as if it were the now” all while going about your business. I wonder how many of you will consider it? 🤔

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