Fun fact: I have struggled with depression since I was 16. It always has felt like immense waves pulling me under a current that I can’t escape. It causes me to neglect my health, my obligations, and shut everyone out of my life. This is because my depression peaked when my mom passed away. I felt like I should have been able to do something to stop it from happening

Over the years I’ve come to understand the truth of the events, and evade the depression in many many ways – at first unhealthy ways (drugs, drinking, etc) and then more healthy alternative (meditation, hobbies, practicing forgiveness)

That depression has never fully died and today it caught up with me unsuspectingly, draining my energy and my will to do anything positive for myself.
I wrote a hundred other posts for today and they were all lies compared to this truth. But I need you out there to know I’m far from perfect. The good news is I know better than to run from this. The bad news is that this feeling isn’t great.
So knowing what I know now I’m going to begging transmuting it into love. Finding light in the darkness, as dim and distant as it may be. Because fighting is the only way out sometimes. And I’ll be damned if I’m dragged under again.

If you know anyone that goes through something like this, be there for them. Send them to me. Or just tell me to reach out to them. We are in this together

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