I have been spending more of my weekends away from social media and more focused on the present moment – experiencing and enjoying life, no matter what the adventure.
For the most part I am an observer of the reality around me. When I get good at being present, I tend to catch moments that bring a smile to my face or even have me 😂- which is even funnier when no one around me gets why I’m laughing.
That’s how I envision my relationship with the universe. Like a best friend who wants to see you laugh and smile and knows your sense of humor. Of course all of this is damn near impossible to see if you aren’t present with yourself. Which is truthfully how my day started.

I don’t always just wake up and feel perfectly aligned. Shit gets to me too. Or my dreams will be so vivid that now I’m mulling over possible meanings at 3:00am. It happens because it happens. My lesson through it all has been to forgive, accept, allow, and return. Lol FAAR.
Forgive yourself
Accept where you’re at/the situation
Allow it, and yourself to move forward
Return to center

Like I said I’m normally not a weekend post-er, but I felt this. What do you guys think?
#wokeaf #alternative #alternativemusic #artist #thoughts #guyswithtattoos #magic #shaman #presentmoment #awareness #urbanmusic #newmusic #sunday #newhaircut #iridiscente #ascension #transmutation #love

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