9:36 3/6/19

I am that I am
Grateful more and more
for all that has brought me to this moment
I am because I was
I am that I will be
And ever more now that I see
Thank you!
For each bruise and scar
Each failure and fault
Brought me closer
To he who exists today
More love for myself than ever before
More understanding of myself than ever before
A line is drawn, no, a circle of salt
For I have stepped into faith of myself
That may seem so strong so foreign to some
Magic may be the only word
They find to encompass
All that I am

The seeds I plant under this new moon
find in that silence they shall swoon
The dirt around and dance for rain
While a knowing grows as bright as flame

#energy #spotify #singer #empaths #consciousness #goodmusic #higher #success #mindset #producer #newartist #music #alchemy #tattoos #wiccan #loved #newmoon #ascencion #retrograde

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