Tonight I took a big step in a personal journey
Tonight I dove deeper within to parts of myself that had not seen light in years
I brought to the surface all of the magick within that I’ve held dormant all this time and gave it the love it’s needed.
Believe me I’m excited that my new music video is out. But I was more focused on what tonight meant to me as a spirit. I wanted to revel in the being-ness of human identity as well as soul identity.
On a night such as tonight (full moon/equinox/retrograde closing) it felt more than appropriate to exist outside the norms.
So I set up an altar and a bath. I invited source energy into my being. I meditated on what I was grateful for. And then in my mind I lived a lifetime of my desires. The vibrations of “already received” rushed through me to the point where I cried tears of bliss.
I anointed my athame and blessed my sword as the equinox tool of choice. And then I climbed into the scolding hot water and did not burn. I did not sweat. I became one with the vibration of the heat and tamed its claws upon me.
By the time I got in, Gigi(my black cat) was already at the south position of my altar as if she knew what I was up to. She does though. I see her as a familiar spirit that has reincarnated as gigi to help me through this journey.
My healing completes this night. But my journey is never over. I fact I am more excited than ever to live out the days to come, witness my seeds of manifestation come to fruition.
Anyone that reads this please know this: it’s ok to be weird, because it’s not weird. It’s you. And you are beautiful. You are perfect as you are. You are god as god sees you. May this night bring you feelings of love and release.
Happy equinox
Happy ostara
I’m in love with paganism and with life
Blessed be. #indie #willwinn #independentartist #alternative #goth #420 #vegan #focused #manifest #newmusic #woke #positivenergy #love #positivevibes #spiritualawakening #energy #spotify #singer #empaths #consciousness #goodmusic #motivation #success #mindset #producer #newartist #positivemindset

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