Blessed be
Last night’s ritual was perfect. I did not take photos of the setup just because I was so in the moment and loved that- but perhaps you’ll see it in future artworks. 👁‍🗨
Last night I began my own book of shadows. A journal telling of my path, my nature and my own rituals. In some aspects I feel very new, where as others I have been practicing for years without acknowledging the association. This journal is a way for me to connect the dots and uncover more about me that I may not have been aware of. Already pages are filling up and it’s as if I’m no longer present in the writing but instead my higher self takes over. 📿🔮✡️☮️♉️
The full moon hung just outside my window this morning and I had to give thanks and bask in its beauty one last time. ✨🌕✨
Spring is here! A time of growth from the soil into the sunlight! Our manifestations from winter have been nurtured and now sprout up, roots sturdy in the earth, and greet the light. 🦋🌸💐
May you find signs of your desires coming to fruition in everything you do🙏🏽 #indie #willwinn #independentartist #alternative #empaths #420 #vegan #focused #manifest #newmusic #woke #positivenergy #love #positivevibes #consciousness #goodmusic #motivation #success #mindset #producer #newartist #positivemindset #ritual #equinox #spring #spiritualawakening #magic

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