Just a reminder to live in love
What do I mean?
Well, love is a state of being/mind. A vibration.
And resonating with that is a matter of focus.
Throughout your day there will be things you enjoy and other things you don’t enjoy so much.

So in your day, if you start looking and focusing on the things that you enjoy- you begin to align with that loving vibration

It can also be hearing the voice of another loved one or friend
It can also be a delicious meal you either prepared or purchased.
It can literally be anything that resonates with YOU

That’s what matters. What resonates with you.
Some of the things I love may not be what you love and that’s totally cool. That’s what makes both of us beautifully unique. But the vibration is the same for both of us. I could tell you the frequency number but that feeling… that god-like feeling of love is always there for us to reach for.
So take a deep breath. Remember just how incredible you really are, and hang onto that loving feeling (cue the music!) #spiritualawakening #magic #consciousness #love #loveyourself #light #wednesdaywisdom #music #artist #pagan #shaman #lightworker #alchemist

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