Do feel the love our universe has for you?
The more I tune into myself, by stepping away from things like social media and engaging in gossip or judgement with others; the more I feel the balance of things. The #yin and #yang of vibration translated to thoughts and actions. The fates of self affliction versus self appreciation. And best of all the power in creating love within oneself as opposed to the coldness of doubt.
Loving yourself IS connecting to that universal #love we are heir to

When I go within I regain the strength to deal with the outer temporary conditions of our reality. The stuff everyone else refers to as “the real world”
To me, in my strength, I see it (“the real world”) as the manifested past. Things we’ve thought about to the point where they’ve come into fruition where as, my point of present tense is truly focused on that which I am wanting through thought. And the more detailed and vibrant those thoughts, the easier it is to hold my focus upon it. The details of where I desire to be. What I’m driving/riding. My career, location, $$$. Who my circle of friends are, etc.
And it’s ok to get out of alignment- it happens to everyone. What’s important is to forgive yourself and then get back to your truth

A focused stream of thought there gives me all the strength I need to physically exist here. I’ve been focused on the here before and it only leads to vicious circles of doubting my own self worth. It may be for you but it’s not for me.
And for anyone that’s felt like that- my advice is to give my method a try.
#spiritualawakening #selflove #consciousness #magic

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