Today be blessed
I have chosen to shed fear of guilt grief and shame, for my will is good and my heart is love
I have released regrets of the past, and thanked them for the lessons taught as they left. With this new space I now summon accomplishments of the future to fill in ten fold, for there are menu to be realized
I give thanks to my old ways that now no longer serve me. Seeing past my ego I now understand your plight, which is the reason I must let go. I am a new, with alignment to my inner being in all its essence. May it guide me effortlessly toward all I desire and more. May those I love feel the echoes of this vibration. May it spark ideas of loving thoughts and raised vibrations within each. May the echo become the chorus, and chorus to song. All is one when in the vibration of love. All this I say in gratitude. Thanks be. #spiritualawakening #magic #consciousness #shaman #loveyourself #affirmationsoftheday #castingspells #fullmoon #pagan #awakening

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