For anyone new to my profile/music/world please let me introduce myself:

I am willwinn. Not my real name and yet real connection to who I am. The name was my grandfather’s. William Winn was a paratrooper in WW2. His whole jump team was killed in air, on impact landing, or by shark when jumping off shore.
I make music because I love it. How it resonates in my heart. How it evokes emotions from me without force. Everything. I’ve played drums since I was 8 and after being in bands through high school and college, I went to school for audio engineering to start producing and engineering my own style of music. I’ve interned/engineered at recording studios in Arizona, New York, and Florida.
I love what I do because it means something to me. The rhythms and tones and frequency and lyrics are all pieces of me poured into something I feel speaks more to my soul than I can find words to. Performing too!
Some of my biggest influences are #tool #nineinchnails #hippesabotage #billieeilish and #marsvolta but I choose to listen to everything from hardcore and heavy metal to rap to classical piano and of course shamanic drumming. I don’t expect to be popular in the old world, but rather discovered within the new world emerging around us. I want to bring ideas of human potential and self love and magic back into the world.
If you took the time to read this post I sincerely thank you! And if you have the time, tell me about you in the comments below. One love. Blessed be. #spiritualawakening #introductions #magic

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