IMG_0090“Music is expression. It’s something that’s always been in my life. I love being able to create something that reflects the pure emotions we all experience” – WillWinn

WillWinn aka Patrick Bosse is an American  artist/producer currently based in Florida. The name ‘WillWinn’ is in Patrick’s full birth name as a representation of his grandfather, William Winn. Patrick hails from New England having dual hometowns in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Some of WillWinn’s biggest influences are Bauer, Steve Aoki, Diplo, and Oski. Having started self producing music in 2009 just after a recent disbanding of his former group, The Jonah Veil, WillWinn uses a variety of sounds created and sampled to compose his works. His training was done at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert Arizona where he graduated in August of 2010. From graduation, Patrick moved to Brooklyn New York taking on the moniker “Modefi” and performing rap lyrics to more self produced music. As Modefi, Patrick released 4 albums and performed just under 100 shows, gaining radio and magazine attention.
After a series of family related situations, as well as conscious awakening that began in 2012, Patrick made the decision to retire from the rap identity and return to the roots of his passion, creation. Coincidentally EDM/Electronic music had made it’s breakthrough to mainstream in this time. Sub-genres of trap, bounce, house, and trance were very attractive to the young producer and thus giving birth to a new name in the industry, WILLWINN.