Blessed for these moments!

Life has been moving rather fast lately – or I supposed I should more appropriately say – my vortex has brought about much manifestation lately. And it’s been all blessings!

My album was released yesterday, in contrast to it being the anniversary of my mother’s passing. I felt good about transmuting any sadness from the past into new creation and happiness for the moment.

I’ve been communicating a lot with relevant businesses about my endeavors, while seeking out best practices to independently achieve more. Even while I say independence I really mean independent focus- and not action. To truly succeed I know I’ll need others. And I look forward to meeting them all.

Got a show this Saturday at a festival. A showcase for my new music too! I’ll post videos as soon as I have them

Thanks for reading! My journey is far from over but I vibrate higher and more lovingly each day, thanks to your support.

If you’re interested in listening to my music just follow the appropriate link to my main page, or go to

Just a note for my readers

Be blessed. Be beautiful. Be.

You are an essential part of this universe.

You matter, you are capable, and your self expression is incredibly unique.

You have a smile and a laugh and a vibration that is all your own and that deserves honoring

I honor the divinity in you