The time line of life is entirely perceptual. One moment time it drags and the next it flies. I stopped wearing a watch and started enjoying each present moment I become aware of. As a result the days feel more full and the nights are well earned. But in this process I tend to neglect social media.
Well this weekend is special for me. It’s the new moon in Taurus tonight, and my birthday tomorrow. And what better way to celebrate then spending it at a rock festival and seeing #tool for the first time.
I want to say thank you to everyone following me and my journey. It might not be the flashiest but it’s real and it’s manifesting a day at a time. Blessed. #spiritualawakening #music #artist #magic #consciousness #shaman #cincodemayo

For anyone new to my profile/music/world please let me introduce myself:

I am willwinn. Not my real name and yet real connection to who I am. The name was my grandfather’s. William Winn was a paratrooper in WW2. His whole jump team was killed in air, on impact landing, or by shark when jumping off shore.
I make music because I love it. How it resonates in my heart. How it evokes emotions from me without force. Everything. I’ve played drums since I was 8 and after being in bands through high school and college, I went to school for audio engineering to start producing and engineering my own style of music. I’ve interned/engineered at recording studios in Arizona, New York, and Florida.
I love what I do because it means something to me. The rhythms and tones and frequency and lyrics are all pieces of me poured into something I feel speaks more to my soul than I can find words to. Performing too!
Some of my biggest influences are #tool #nineinchnails #hippesabotage #billieeilish and #marsvolta but I choose to listen to everything from hardcore and heavy metal to rap to classical piano and of course shamanic drumming. I don’t expect to be popular in the old world, but rather discovered within the new world emerging around us. I want to bring ideas of human potential and self love and magic back into the world.
If you took the time to read this post I sincerely thank you! And if you have the time, tell me about you in the comments below. One love. Blessed be. #spiritualawakening #introductions #magic

Today be blessed
I have chosen to shed fear of guilt grief and shame, for my will is good and my heart is love
I have released regrets of the past, and thanked them for the lessons taught as they left. With this new space I now summon accomplishments of the future to fill in ten fold, for there are menu to be realized
I give thanks to my old ways that now no longer serve me. Seeing past my ego I now understand your plight, which is the reason I must let go. I am a new, with alignment to my inner being in all its essence. May it guide me effortlessly toward all I desire and more. May those I love feel the echoes of this vibration. May it spark ideas of loving thoughts and raised vibrations within each. May the echo become the chorus, and chorus to song. All is one when in the vibration of love. All this I say in gratitude. Thanks be. #spiritualawakening #magic #consciousness #shaman #loveyourself #affirmationsoftheday #castingspells #fullmoon #pagan #awakening

Everyone I see on here is telling someone else something they’ve learned along their own journey. Everyone I see here is still figuring things out and finding their own way.

I know I am. I’m still getting closer to my most authentic self. I don’t know when I’ll arrive and I’m perfectly ok with not arriving at all in this lifetime. But as long as I keep going forward I feel good about the journey. Hell even going backwards can feel like moving forward when I align with the experience.
Lately I’ve been away from social media in order to listen to my own intuition better. To gain a deeper sense of connection. I care less and less about how follow count, or social status, or even if the picture looks good enough to post. All of those things were creating blocks in my journey. I found myself hung up on choices that really didn’t require that much effort, to the point where I made no choice at all(which is a choice lol)
But here in this space of flow and live and create and alignment- separate from opinion or viewer discretion- I found me. I found happiness is why I create music in the first place. I found happiness in why I don’t eat meat. I found happiness in my way of living and loving myself as well as another. And I know that I’m ever-changing vibration but the feeling these discoveries gives me is more than enough to keep smiling. To keep feeling better than ever. To keep emitting and emoting vibrations that bring me more of that happiness.
What it all means for me is the music I’m making is so real, so connected to these experiences that I really can’t say more than that. If you’re jonesin for something now, please find my last EP #bloodmoonshaman , turn it way up, and feel what I feel
It’s all #love #music #indie #alternative #consciousness #spiritualawakening #magic #shaman

Do feel the love our universe has for you?
The more I tune into myself, by stepping away from things like social media and engaging in gossip or judgement with others; the more I feel the balance of things. The #yin and #yang of vibration translated to thoughts and actions. The fates of self affliction versus self appreciation. And best of all the power in creating love within oneself as opposed to the coldness of doubt.
Loving yourself IS connecting to that universal #love we are heir to

When I go within I regain the strength to deal with the outer temporary conditions of our reality. The stuff everyone else refers to as “the real world”
To me, in my strength, I see it (“the real world”) as the manifested past. Things we’ve thought about to the point where they’ve come into fruition where as, my point of present tense is truly focused on that which I am wanting through thought. And the more detailed and vibrant those thoughts, the easier it is to hold my focus upon it. The details of where I desire to be. What I’m driving/riding. My career, location, $$$. Who my circle of friends are, etc.
And it’s ok to get out of alignment- it happens to everyone. What’s important is to forgive yourself and then get back to your truth

A focused stream of thought there gives me all the strength I need to physically exist here. I’ve been focused on the here before and it only leads to vicious circles of doubting my own self worth. It may be for you but it’s not for me.
And for anyone that’s felt like that- my advice is to give my method a try.
#spiritualawakening #selflove #consciousness #magic